Note: This is to inform that this year’s Himalayan Retreat has been suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Next year’s program is yet to be scheduled and will be announced through website and social media channels.

Raja Yoga is a methodological science to explore and channelise the latent powerhouse of energy within the human body and mind. Correct guidance and regular practice enables a Yoga saadhak to experience bursts of energy within like never before.

A disciplined saadhak of Raja Yoga is able to perform tasks which may seem superhuman to ordinary/average human beings. Through Yoga saadhna, a saadhak is able to push his limits beyond ordinary to become nothing short of a super human.

The retreat offers two programs:

  1. Shiva Yoga and Tantra (3 May – 12 May)
  2. Kundalini Kriya Yoga (14 May – 25 May)

Retreat to the spiritual fountainhead of the world, the Himalayas this summer, May 2020.

The Ashram is located in the peaceful and serene valley of the Badrinath Dhaam, only a few hundred meters away from Badrinath Temple, the abode of Lord Vishnu.

The ashram is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, alongside the banks of the Alaknanda river at an elevation of 10,279 ft above sea level. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage centres in India, over one million visitors every year.

The Himalayas have been the abode of Yogis, Sanyasis, Saadhaks, Saadhus and Seekers for thousands and thousands of years. Due to continues tapasya and spiritual activities in the Himalayan regions, it has become a powerhouse of spiritual energy, which one experiences it right away.

Join the retreat this summer and experience an authentic Yogic living in the Himalayas, performing Kriyas, Asanas, Meditation, Pranayam, group chanting of mantras and other secret practices which are only imparted through Guru-Shishya parampara (traditional lineage) unbroken for thousands of years.

1. Shiva Yoga & Tantra


Shiva Yoga is an ancient yogic practice of invoking Rudra or Shiva and aligning your energy and consciousness with the Shiva. All the kriyas are curated to elevate a saadhak’s state of consciousness, to reach a state of equanimity and eventually attain enlightenment.

**23 Students will be accepted for the program. 18 Residential students and 5 day boarding students will be accepted for the program.

Program Curriculum

  • Dhyaan;Meditation practices: Learning how Meditation can change your perceptive and vision by implementing ancient Yogic techniques which have passed on through a lineage for over 2500 years.
  • Asana: Integrating asanas in regular practices which keep the body and mind healthy. Finding and creating your balance.
  • Group Chanting: Mantras have very powerful vibrational effects when chanted correctly. Learn mantra chanting under the guidance of experienced Gurus. Do’s and Don’ts of chanting mantras, to be wary of not offending the deity of the mantra.
  • Discourse on Vedanta: Yoga practices are incomplete without the light of Vedanta sutras. A thorough discussion on Vedanta and its ancient seers.
  • QnA: Question and answer session is an integral part of such retreats which gives a saadhak an opportunity to ask questions to a Guru.
  • Tantra saadhna: Part of inner cleansing and catalysing your journey of inner awakening. A wonderful spiritual tool if practiced properly under the guidance of an enlightened Guru.

2. Kundalini Kriya Yoga

Kundalini Kriya Yoga is the most powerful system in Raja Yoga to grow your spiritual aura exponentially. It is often said that practicing Kundalini Yoga is like walking on a sharp edged sword, there is no room for error. It is somewhat true because these are some of the most powerful Kriyas which can open the energy points beyond the control of a practitioner.

When Kundalini Yoga is performed under the apprenticeship of an experienced Guru, the process becomes an enlightening one and makes a saadhak more confident in his practices. The fear of the unknown remains as long as you are walking alone but the moment you have a guide who knows the path, then the journey becomes a great experience

**20 Residential Students will be accepted for the program.

Program Curriculum

  • Chakra systems: Studying the various chakra systems in human body and how these energy centres influence the flux of energy. Learning different ways and methods to gain control over the naadi chakaras and channelise the flux of energy and Prana at will to overcome the physical and psychological limitations.
  • Kriyas: Kriyas associated with the awakening of chakra system of naadis and their physio-psychological and spiritual effects.
  • Asanas: Integrating asanas to effectively guide the flow of prana through ida and pingla, to active the sushumna.
  • Pranayam: Science of breath and how to control the prana vaayu to enable the energy centres, bindu and awakening the sushumna.
  • Kundalini awakening: Safe application of methods to awaken the Kundalini Shakti under the guidance of a Guru. Understanding the intricacies of the methodologies and its application.
  • Mudras: Mudras are the most difficult to control and master. It takes great mental control to activate prana shakti with the help of Mudras. It is also one the most secretive knowledge, only transmitted through Guru-shishya parampara.
  • QnA: To clear the doubts and misconceptions of the students regarding Kundalini shakti and chakaras.
  • Mantaras: Association of mantaras with each chakara and their role. Invoking the mantaras to guide the Kundalini shakti and Pranas in various chakara systems.

Daily Schedule

Monday – SaturdayEvents
06:00 – 06:30Shiva Vandana, Puja & Aarti
06:30 – 07:15Dhyaan Yoga, Meditation practices
07:15 – 09:30Morning practice; Yogabhyas, Pranayam, Kriyas
09:30 – 10:30Healthy vegetarian breakfast
10:30 – 13:00Morning Session
13:00 – 14:30Lunch: Vegetarian Indian cooked meal
14:30 – 16:30Afternoon Session
16:30 – 16:45Break
16:45 – 18:30Evening Session
18:30 – 20:00Dinner: Vegetarian Indian cooked meal
20:00 – 22:00Bhajan, chanting, meditation, discussion on Philosophy
06:00 – 07:00Surya Upasana
07:00 – 10:00Dhyaan Yoga, Meditation & Yoga practices
10:00 – 11:30Special Breakfast
11:30 – 14:30Free time
14:30 – 15:00Snacks & special tea
15:00 – 17:30Evening walk in the mountains
17:30 – 18:45Free time
18:45 – 20:00Dinner: Healthy vegetarian meal
20:00 – 22:00Bhajan, chanting, meditation, discussion on Philosophy

Tuition Fee

Program: Shiva Yoga & Tantra


Prime: Private Room (Single Occupancy) – $7,618 (Reserved)

Saadhak: Shared Room (Double Occupancy) – $3809 (Available)

Pilgrim: Curriculum only – no accommodation/transportation – $1811 (Reserved)

Program: Kundalini Kriya Yoga


Prime: Private Room (Single Occupancy) – $9,911 (Reserved)

Saadhak: Shared Room (Double Occupancy) – $6700 (Available)

For any query regarding the program and accommodations, email to

Application Fee: Your application fee will be deducted from your tuition fee upon acceptance into the training program.

Payment options: You can easy deposit your fee with any major credit/debit card or via bank transfer.

Program Application

$50 Application fee is charged. Upon approval of your application, you will receive an email invoice to pay your tuition fee, the application fee will be adjusted in your tuition fee.

Note: Application fee is non-refundable.

I agree to refrain from alcohol, drugs and other forms of stimulants during the course of the training.
*except for any prescribed medication by a legal doctor.

*Please note that submitting an application does not secure a spot in the training program. Upon acceptance into the program, you will have a 10 day window to submit your tuition fee. Failing to submit your dues on time, some other student will be allocated to your spot.


Q: Why conduct a retreat in the Himalayas?

City is not an ideal place for Yogic practices. The noise and pollution creates a hindrance. The Himalayas have been the perfect retreat place for Yogis for thousands of years. Even today there is no better place than the Himalayas itself to practice Yoga.

Q: Where is the Asharam located and how do I get there?

Siddha Yoga asharam is located at Badrinath, 300 Kms from Rishikesh; the Yoga capital of the world. Its a 7 hour drive from Rishikesh to Badrinath.

Q: What is included in the cost?

Your accommodation, daily meals, arrival and departure shuttles, tuition, Yoga accessories and props are included in the fees.

Q: What kind of food will be provided at the asharam?

The food is freshly prepared at the asharam. The food prepared is completely vegetarian and saatvic in nature, to help a saadhak’s spiritual growth. Food is a key aspect of Yoga saadhna therefore it is taken very seriously and its prepared with essential ayurvedic herbs and ingredients under the supervision of a Guru.

Q: Will I receive a certification?

Every student’s performance at the program is closely monitored and evaluated by the Gurus. A certificate will be awarded to students whose performance at the program is up to the satisfaction of the Gurus. Mere admission is not a criteria for certification.

Q: Are there any refunds?

No refunds or credits are issued for any reason.

Q: What's the weather like at the asharam in Badrinath?

Summers are pleasant with moderately cool climate in Badrinath and generally lasts between month of March-June. The average temperature ranges between 7°C – 18°C in these months. 

Q: How many students will be attending the program?

For Shiva Yoga, there is a maximum 23 students limit and for Kundalini kriya Yoga 20 students will be accepted.

Q: Can I sign up from both the programs?

Both the training programs are extremely rigorous and demanding. What you absorb in your 10-12 days of training, is what you need to apply for the remainder of your life.
What you will learn in your training, you need to put it into your daily practice for at leat 3 months. Self-practice is equally important. Three months later you can join another training program. There should be a gap of at least three months to apply your training to your practices.

Q: What do I need to bring?
  • Passport / ID
  • A Yoga mat
  • Warm jacket, sweater/jumper
  • A pair of slippers
  • An inexpensive wrist watch, to keep track of time.
  • Personal Journal, pen
  • Comfortable clothes for Yoga practice
  • Camera/Phone, personal music player
  • Personal items for your comfort and hygiene

Q: What are the accommodations like?

Siddha Yoga Asharam Badrinath has 12 fully furnished luxurious rooms (attached bathroom). A yajnashala, where all the ceremonial yajnas are performed.
The asharam has two large halls for Yoga practices and other related activities. The asharam is located on in the beautiful valley of Badrinath on a mountain slope.

Yogacharya Shravan Mishra has dedicated a decade to studying and researching Vedas, Upnishads, Vedanta sutra, Yoga sutra, Brahma sutra, western philosophy and world history.

A devotee of Lord Shiva, practicing meditation, kundalini kriyas and asanas.

Founder of the organisation, YogiGram Sansthanam. The organisation works in rural areas of India, promoting wellness, healthy living, Yoga philosophy for the upliftment of people living with lesser/no resources.