There are numerous reasons our younger generation is unhappy, anxious and depressed but I’ll point out some main reasons which are the root causes for the unhappiness of the youth.

A lot of answers have already covered a few important points. So, I’ll try to be as unique as possible.

  1. Faulty Education System

The current education system which our schools and colleges employ was developed to train human mind to follow orders and operate machines.

In the last one hundred years everything around us has changed significantly except for our education system.

We constantly ask children to focus and concentrate but there is no school, college or university which teaches students how to concentrate.

In a class of 40 students it is expected that everyone must learn and grow at same pace irrespective of their circumstances and individual qualities.

Children are programmed for more than a decade in their school life to kill their curiosity and accept everything that is in the text books which is written by none other than God itself. (The Almighty of science and rationale {Sarcasm intended}) We call this method of learning scientific and advanced. There is no blind faith involved.

Any child who dares to ask difficult questions is rightly shown his place by shaming in front of everyone in class. We have such great teachers who do not hesitate to shut a student up just because he is curious to go deeper. The student must not rationalise too much, it is not allowed in our education system.

Teenage depression stats:

  • Every 100 minutes a teen takes their own life.
  • Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24.
  • About 20 percent of all teens experience depression before they reach adulthood.
  • Between 10 to 15 percent suffer from symptoms at any one time.
  • Only 30 percent of depressed teens are being treated for it.

Source: Why Today’s Teens Are More Depressed Than Ever

Parents invest massive amount of money for 12–15 years to send their children to school only to turn a human being into a greedy competetive anxious sex-obsessed mercyless emotionally unstable maniac. Money well spent for sure.

2. Idolising Wrong People

In today’s world being unique means to become like everyone else in the crowed. You could also get a tattoo and colour your hair pink to be unique.

Teenagers normally idolise pop culture celebrities and these dimwit celebrities are self-proclaimed philosophers and leaders of our society. Especially in India, we find actors who cannot act yet they are actors, moreover they branch out their skills in the field of social activism, politics, science and philosophy. Most of them suffer from God complex.

Their hunger and addiction to seek attention is being replicated by teenagers.

In Indian society film actors enjoy too much privilege which I believe needs to change. They are treated like divine celestial beings. This narrative has to change if we want to protect the youth from the influence of these dimwit celebrities.

Such is the state of their grandiose ego that they present us with garbage like veere di wedding, Tees maar Khan, when Harry met Sejal, Dabangg and the list goes on. Our youth is happily consuming this garbage in the name of art, drama and music.

3. Addiction to Porn

Watching porn is a past time of not only teenagers but many adults as well. Internet being the biggest technological invention is used by masses around the globe to watch porn to satisfy their sexual urge. How ironic and silly can humans be? It is a talent we humans have to pervert everything that we come in contact with.

Porn viewership stats:

Source: World’s Largest Porn Site Reveals The Most-Searched Porn Genre of 2016

4.6 billion hours spent by people on watching porn in 2016 alone and these stats are from one of the major porn websites only.

Teenagers are free to consume as much as garbage they want in form of porn without any restriction. We are creating an army of perverts who have nothing else to do except for fantasing about sex and they roam around everywhere with an elevated sex drive.

Not only teenager are draining their creative energy in sexual fantasies but it is also corrupting their minds as well which is the main concern. It robs them of the ability to think clearly and positively without integrating sex in all aspects of life.

4. Bad Food Habits


This is what teenagers are eating.

The staple food of teenagers nowadays is carbonated drinks, maggi noodels, pizza, burgers, fries and everything that a junk food joint can offer.

I’ve hardly seen teenagers consuming fruits and green vegetable. I don’t know why is it a surprise that teens are becoming obese. What else do you expect with these food habits?

This is what teenagers should be eating.

Your body is the result of the food you eat. What you eat you become. If you are not eating nutritious food which our bodies are biologically designed for by the nature then you are beinge not only unscientific but you are directly commiting a crime on your own body.

5. Lack of Discipline

Discipline is an alien concept to teenagers. The idea of rebelionism has crept so deep into their minds that they have no regard for rules and regulations. That is not how you run a society.

When grown ups behave this way they become subject to criticism. Discipline has to be learned and maintained in everyday life for smooth functioning of our own lives. It’s a healthy practice to discipline yourself into good habits but teenagers don’t have that rational capacity to realize this fact. Even their parents are failing to inculcate these habits into them.

6. Unrealistic Aspirations

Teenage generation is totally disconnected from the reality. They mostly live in a fantasy land where you get everything by a flick of a finger and when the magic doesn’t happen they get anxious.

Wingardium Leviosa, and things must happen the instant a spell is cast.

In real life things happen slowly. In your mind you move in a flash but not in the physical world.

It takes nine months to give birth to a live human being but todays generation wants a baby like they get a pizza deliverd, within 30 mintutes.

Learn to be patient my younger friends. There is no greater skill than being patient. Your life transforms the day you start practicing patience.

How can we build a happy society?

There can be no happiness in life without hard work, discipline, knowledge, mutual respect, honesty and integrity.

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