Sage Parshuram’s father Maharishi Jamadagni was beheaded by the Daityas and they stole their cow Kamdhenu, which brought prosperity and fulfilment in their home despite being poor Brahmins.

When he returned home one evening, he found his house was all torn apart, the cow was not in shed and his father’s head was severed and his mother was weeping in a pool of blood. Out of her sorrow and pain of losing her husband, her mother beat her chest 21 times while weeping. 

Parshuram stood frozen at the door, watching his mother in pain. Standing there he tried to make sense of out all this and thought why such inhuman and violent act happened in his home.

The more he thought about the unlawfulness of this horrific incident, the more his anger rose like a blazing fire. 
When he saw his widowed mother weeping in sorrow beat her cheat 21 times, in that extreme anger he vowed to eliminate the Kshatriya clan 21 times from the entire earth.

The earth remained without a single Kshtariya (warrior). The blazing anguish of Parshuman, the sixth avatar of Shri Hari Vishnu and a great devotee of Shiva had engulfed the entire Warrior clan 21 times from the earth.

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