This is in response to your inquiry regarding summer 2020 Yoga retreat in the Himalayas.

Location: Badrinath
Timeings: May and June

Program Details:

The retreat offers two programs for learning of Shiv Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini and Kriya Yoga saadhna.

The two programs are:

1. Shiv Yoga and Tantra

– Dhyaan;Meditation practices: Learning how Meditation can change your perceptive and vision by implementing ancient Yogic techniques which have passed on through a lineage for over 2500 years.
– Asana: Integrating asanas in regular practices which keep the body and mind healthy. Finding and creating your balance.
– Tantra saadhna: Part of inner cleansing and catalysing your journey. A wonderful spiritual tool if practiced properly under the guidance of a learned Guru.

Duration: 10 Days

Program Fee:
Single occupancy: $7618
Double occupancy: $3809
Pilgrim: $1811

2. Kundalini kriya Yoga

-Chakra systems: Studying the various chakra systems in human body.
-Kriyas: Kriyas associated with the awakening of chakra system of naadis and their physio-psychological and spiritual effects.
-Pranayam: Science of breath and how to control the prana vaayu to enable the energy centres, bindu and awakening the sushumna.

Duration:12 Days

Program Fee:
Single occupancy: $9911
Double occupancy: $6700
Pilgrim: $3500

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For advance bookings, kindly contact:

Mr. Pankaj Kumar (Retreat Organiser)
+91 8182839666 (call/whatsapp)